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Hypnosis Insomnia

by Josh Singer, CH


Is there any more frustrating problem? You know what it is like: looking up at the ceiling wondering if you’ll ever go to sleep. You think about all the things that happened to you today, and all the things you have to get done tomorrow.

It’s as if you just can’t shut off your brain!

Maybe you look at the clock several times, and are amazed at how much or how little time has gone by since the last time you looked.

All of this then maybe makes you concentrate on what an awful time you’re having falling or staying asleep.

Am I right?

Have you been on Ambien or some other drug that just makes you groggy? There is a better way!

Many people have been on Ambien or some form of sleep aid for many months, even years.

We’ve had many clients that have been on something like most of their lives and after completing our program, their regular doctor is amazed.

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Hypnosis and Insomnia: Learn how hypnosis is the easiest and most effective way of treating insomnia

The underlying cause for years of insomnia is usually anxiety.

Hypnosis deals effectively with the root causes of that anxiety so as to help your subconscious resolve and neutralize those root causes.

The reason so many people are successful with our hypnosis and insomnia program is that hypnosis is a type of state that is very similar to daydreaming, or deep relaxation.

However, although it helps, relaxation is not necessary for hypnosis.

If you can follow instructions, and have an open and positive attitude, then hypnosis will help you more easily fall asleep and stay asleep.

Often, people remark about how the state of hypnosis is very similar to the state right before one goes to sleep. We train all of our clients in self-hypnosis.

This very principle makes falling asleep from a state of hypnosis much easier than from the waking state.

Usually 3-4 sessions are required to resolve any sleeping issues*, although clients are amazed at how easy it is to fall asleep quite quickly.

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Hypnosis Insomnia - Learn about how to use hypnosis insomnia in Cleveland and how to fall asleep easily.

* Important Disclaimer : While hypnotherapy is a powerful tool to accomplish change, it is not a "magic wand." It DOES take some conscious commitment and effort on the client's part. While we have an excellent track record and 12+ years of amazing results for our clients, every person's results may vary. Hypnosis is a partnership, and your results will depend in part on YOUR level of participation and effort. We can't "make you" do anything. But if you are ready to make powerful changes in your life, this is a powerful tool to help you in your journey. Contact us today to learn more.